Grand Canyon

Blue Watering Can with Pots


Boot Rider

Billy Bob's Boots

The Wright Stuff


Palmer AK 99645 US

Desert Hog

Rusty Truck

State Fair 2010

Fenced In

Golfing at the Refuge

Colony Barn

Wieland Farm

Commissioned by Weiland Family - Home of Olympic Medalist Kerry Weiland in Palmer Alaska

Misty Morn

Sunset Palm

Sunlit Cabin

North Face Denali

Prickly Pear

First Mate

Saguaro Desert

London Bridge

Majestic Moose

Mamma Donkey with Baby

Whimsical Umbrella

Mamma and Burrito

Hillside Grizzly

Dream Team


Fishing in Paradise

Cathedral Mountain, Sedona

Sunlit Wagon